Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lightening storms with your kids

I've taken a break for a while from the blog...spending time working full time and being a mommy full time.... which means no time for blogging! But tonight I had to post something my daughter and I just shared.

Living in Florida there are always terrible thunderstorms every summer. I don't know about your kids, but my daughter has always been terrified of lightening and thunder. So to help her get over her fears I wrote this little poem (maybe it will be a book one day!) Every time it storms, Kaylea asks me to read it with her and then we make some kind of snack for God. Tonight its Macaroni and Cheese (Kraft!)

Enjoy this poem and feel free to share it with your kids during your next stormy night!

The BOOM in My Room
by Summer Martin
copyright 2008 by Summer Martin

I was lying in bed,
late at night,
when all of a sudden,
I got such a fright.

I heard a loud noise.
It went BOOM, BANG and CRASH!
I called for my mom,
and she came in a flash.

"Whats that noise?" I said
as it BANGED and it BOOMED,
My mom said, "Its thunder,
banging outside your room."

"Thunder? What's that?
Oh, I'm really scared now!"
"Don't be scared", Mommy said,
"Its just a silly sound."

"Its God up in heaven",
My mom said to me.
"He forgot to eat dinner,
He's just hungry you see!"

That is pretty silly,
I thought to myself.
Now how do I make him stop
rattling my shelf?

Whenever I'm hungry,
My mom makes me food.
Peanut Butter and Jelly,
Gets me in a good mood.

So I asked my mom,
If it was okay,
If we made God a sandwich,
...a PB&J!

So that's what we did.
We made one for me too.
I left one out for God,
then I went to my room.

Sure enough it had worked.
No more BOOM! It had passed!
God's tummy was full,
No more thunder at last!

So if you hear thunder,
in your bed late at night,
just make God a sandwich,
and you'll be alright!

copyright 2008 by Summer Lea Rogers-Martin

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